Nahani Tamaskans
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About Nahani

My name is Dani and I'm a wife and mother of 2 children. I've been surrounded by small animals, cats, dogs, and horses all my life and have always been an outdoors person. Being raised by a keen climber/mountaineer meant that we were always active outdoors, camping in beautiful (and sometimes quite remote) areas. In trying to provide my own children with a similar upbringing, I needed to choose a breed of dog that would not only keep up with the pace but thoroughly enjoy it too, and one that could handle colder temperatures as well. I wanted a breed that would also be great with the kids and good around the home.

My lifelong love of rocks (yes I'm a Geoscience student) entailed a deep fascination with the turquoise jewellery worn by some of the Native American tribes, as well as their proverbs. I also found their respect for the earth and love of nature to be truly inspirational. As the wolf was greatly respected by these people, one of my childhood dreams was to have one of my own. Being illegal, this was obviously not an option but by chance I discovered the Tamaskan, which has all the benefits of owning a wolf, but none of the cons! And so my eldest son and I collected Tala from Blustag Arctic Breeds and, from then on, we have all been addicted!


The name Nahani comes from researching Native American tribes located in the western areas of America and Canada. As a whole, the people that lived in the area between the mountains and the sea were collectively called the “Nahani” people. I loved the name and it seemed quite fitting for me as I am always torn between the ocean and mountains, so I decided to use it as my kennel affix. I would love to move to the Rockies or to the western Canadian seaboard!